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Integrating Non-Duality & Emotional Mastery to...

Reveal Peace, Calm & Creative Flow

 Now Available for 1-1 Coaching Enquiries: 



Hello and welcome!

I'm Alex, and my aim is to help you overcome the anxiety, limitation, and feelings of lack that come from the ego, the voice in your head, the story of "me" in the mind.

I love to combine teachings from Western Neuroscience to Eastern Mysticism and everything else in between, to help you live with more energy, vibrancy, and freedom. 

Everything I communicate comes from lived experience and has been applied in my own life to overcome my own dark nights of the soul, and to transmute pain into peace.

I'm so happy and grateful to have you with me on this journey...

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How I Can Help You?

My clients and I work together 1-on-1 to radically shift in positive directions. We have powerful conversations and engage in powerful teachings and guided meditations to reach new levels of peace, calm, and confidence.

You can apply to speak to me about your specific challenges and goals. 


Click here to apply to speak to me. 

More detailed testimonials are available on my Instagram (in the "Client Success" story saves).

What people say...


This investment was worth every penny and I am very grateful to have found Alex and for the work we did together.


My only wish is that I would have done it sooner. I am excited again for my future.


Today  I feel prepared and excited when I think about my future, rather than panicked and hopeless.

Thank you Alex for a real clear and direct approach!


In a short 8 weeks my mindset has done a complete 180. I have the confidence and belief in myself that I never had.

I seriously cannot recommend him enough. The changes started happening after a week.


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